ON/OFF, 3-point-floating or analog 0-10V 2-way control valve.
Choice of accessible composite insert;
standard composite insert internally adjustable to one of 8 different flow rates or
E-JUST insert externally adjustable to one of 41 different flow rates.
Forged brass housing.
Optional pressure/temperature plugs.
Range of union end connections available.

Sizes: 15-40mm (½”-1½”).
Composite insert: 15-410 kPaD (2.2-59.5 psid).
E-JUST insert: 17-400 kPaD (2.5-58 psid).

Flow rate:
Composite insert: 0.0081-1.43 l/sec (0.128-22.7 GPM).
E-JUST insert: 0.0278-1.62 l/sec (0.44-25.6 GPM).